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Serenity Giant Clam Shell in Antique White

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Introducing Serenity. The meaning of the word serenity generates a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled, which is exactly the desire we have intended on creating for the new collection. Not only is this collection stunning to look at, they have also retained the feel and look of the raw beauty of a real clam. Whether it is a statement piece on someone's coffee table or simply a bowl to keep all sorts of treasures inside, our unique designs hold the finest detail to compliment any home and are sure to bring that feeling of Serenity.

Hand Crafted Stone (not resin) clam shell, each one finish and perfected individually.

Photographs are purely for reference only and the clam shells may vary slightly as they are not mass produced. They are all handmade and hand finished

Approximate Dimensions: HEIGHT: 23cm x WIDTH 52cm x DEPTH 42cm

Please note:- These are not mass produced . Each one is hand made and individually hand finished so therefore no two are the exactly the same. THIS ITEM IS NOT READY TO BE SHIPPED AND WILL TAKE BETWEEN 7-10 DAYS TO BE MADE. Apart from our clam shell sinks, our clam shells are not completely waterproof.