Make your home bloom this Spring

Make your home bloom this Spring

As we say goodbye to the dark and gloomy evenings and welcome the bright warmer nights, we ask ourselves how can we transform our home ready for the Season upon us. Spring Clean comes to mind. I am going to tell you how Tee Morris shells can help you transition your space and make your home bloom.

For your Kitchen, your clam shell bowl will create the perfect centrepiece on your kitchen island or dining table. When we think of spring we think of radiant colours. Turn your clam shell bowl into a fruit bowl, showcasing a colourful array of fresh fruits.  Choose fruits that complement your home decor and provide a pop of colour.



For your living room, your clam shell bowl of any size creates that coastal feel with a sense of calm and tranquillity. Whether your bowl is white or grey, why not add a pop of colour by positioning flowers near to complement the uniqueness of the bowl. Better yet, we can add any colour to the outside design of your clam shell bowl, to add that instant glow into your room.


In your bathroom, there is nothing better than starting the season with a few home improvements. Why not indulge into making a few tweaks in your bathroom by adding the unique blend of nature of a clam shell sink. Whether it be to add slight sophistication to a mundane powder room, or to simply create a sense of serene in the family bathroom.

Imagine your home embellished with the charm of handmade giant clam shell sinks and bowls that combine aesthetics and functionality. Spring into the season with Tee Morris Shells.